test2: levi

chopping wood at farm

Had a nice two weeks at the farm again, nice and easy going ^^ the weather is changing a lot but still a lot of warm and sunny days, most of them start out chilly/cold and foggy but around 10am it’s usually clears up making way for the lovely and still warm sun :D which makes it all the more enjoyable here ^^ much more than the rainy days but all in all I’m still having a good time here :D

The work I’ve been doing has been getting more and more diverse which is good since I like to mix it up as much as possible :D. So the actual work I’ve done is:
- Sweeping the many many leaves…. A lot :P but I don’t mind it’s actually quite relaxing ^^
- Trimming some plants
- Raking/ cleaning the grow beds in the garden, removing stones and weeds etc, which is actually also quite relaxing :P next to cleaning/raking the grow beds I also got to us the rotivator to till over the soil in the garden which was really fun to do, although it was a bit tricky in the beginning I quickly got the hang of working with the beast :p
- Pealing garlic for planting them in the garden which I also did ^^
- Planting lettuce and some other leaf veggies
- Removing some trees from the field that have been blown over and later also chopping them into chunks to use as fire wood, which was pretty heavy but also really cool to do, probably since I never chopped wood before and also that I could make a nice big fire in the guesthouse fireplace :D
- And picked the last few olives and harvested some grapes.

That’s about it for the work I’ve been doing all in all pretty easy but fun things especially the new stuff and working in the garden which is just very nice, getting my feet and hands nice hand dirty.

In my off time I’m usually just chilling out, surfing the web, read a book, watch some video’s and meditate ^^ I have also been thinking of making a wooden pipe, but unfortunately some of the needed tools are not available at the farm. I also slowly started drawing again…….. but it seems I really need to draw more since so far it all looks like crap :P Oew and something really nice ….. I’ve discovered where they keep the wine supply at the farm :D (just don’t tell the farmer :P). As of yet I have not gone for another walk in the mountains here since the weather hasn’t been that good on the Sundays and also I’ve been feeling kinda lazy too :P

A couple of days ago a second volunteer has arrived, a guy from Brazil with roots here in Italy but unfortunately doesn’t speak much English either but all in all a nice guy but unfortunately he snores like a jet plane taking off K so it REALLY sucks we’re sharing a room……. I hope I didn’t forget ti bring my earplugs and I can find them, otherwise he’ll be buried in the garden underneath the newly planted garlic and lettuce :P

That’s about it for the past two weeks at the farm^^ Now I’m slowly figuring out what my next destinations will be, but with winter coming and the holidays around the corner I not yet sure when I’ll hit the road again…. Maybe after xmas…… mayb in the new year…. Mayb next week….. really no idea :P