all volunteers at farm

And once again 2 nice weeks passed and very quickly too….. hopefully the winter will do the same :P By now I’m starting to get along much better with Ishmael (volunteer from Brazil) although from time to time my patience with him can run quite low, since very often he just stares aimlessly without doing anything of use…….. on the funny side though, while chopping up some small branches for firewood he somehow managed to get hit in the nose by a piece of wood and ever since he dares not to cut any more wood :P

In the meantime we’ve been joined by some more volunteers, 3 girls from Israel and about two days after their arrival also by a couple from Canada and I have to say it’s nice to have some more people around at the farm, especially since they all speak English ^^ Unfortunately there were a couple of miscommunications between the girls from Israel and Andrea and they though that he was pissed at them and asked me to see what’s what, but luckily it was all fine and they just misunderstood him.

We had a lot of fun with the volunteers group and regularly has fun evenings with wine, snacks, music and fun talks. On Sunday (29 sept) we went for a nice walk here in the area going to Castello matese, a village half way up the mountain which was a very nice walk with many great views ^^ and made a new friend with a dog from Piedimonte that followed us all the way up to Castello and later even all the way back to the farm, only the farm dogs weren’t very amused by it and attacked as soon as they noticed him, so Andrea took him back to Piedimonte by car saving him from a nasty asskicking.

The work we did these two weeks was mostly cutting cane with the whole group which took us the better part of a week since it really was a whole lot of cane and now we’re all covered in little cuts and scrapes from all the sharp pieces of cane etc :P

chopping cane at farmBefore we were with the big group we also chopped a lot of wood (except Ishmael after his “incident”), filtered a whole lot of wine before cleaning the metal wine barrels and putting it back in again, cleaned out the barn on some rainy days and chopped some more wood :P

Luckily we mostly had very good weather, kind of like spring back in NL of course there were also some rainy days but only at the beginning of these two weeks the rest was very sunny and nice and warm :D

Yesterday (5dec) Ishmael, Heather, Keagan and I (the 3 girls from Israel had left already) cleaned up pretty much the whole farm, sweeping leafs, trimming plants, removing weeds etc. for which it was a wonderful day full of sunshine and temperatures close to 20degrees C ^^ so I was able to be outside in my t-shirt and shorts during Sinterklaas (a Dutch Holiday) how cool is that :D (especially since people back home are starting to freeze their butts of from what I heard :P).

Another cool thing was that while cleaning the farm we found both a tiny little scorpion and funny enough also a little crab and I couldn’t resist teasing little Ginny with the little crab, from which she ran away screaming :P but in the end still made friends with the little crabby ^^.

After we finished cleaning up the farm etc. we went up to the village San Potito where there is a xmas market this weekend and even though it was quite a small market it was really fun and had a very nice vibe around. We had 2 very nice handmade pizzas and beside that tried many little bite size local foods and drinks yummmm and eventually headed back to the farm with some really good local made special beers (actually the very best Italian made beers I’ve had since entering Italy) so it was a real nice evening.