blogging at farm

And again 2 weeks have past as if it were just 2 days instead, time really flies and now I’m here at the farm for about 2 months now……. But I’m still mostly enjoying myself, so it’s all good :D

In the meantime I have been looking into upgrading my bike so that climbing will be much easier and figured out the route I want to take when I do finally leave the farm, although I don’t yet know when that will be…… maybe mid or end January, when the days are a bit longer again (I hope :P)

Figuring out how to upgrade my bike was a bit trickier than I hoped since I can’t find the needed part here anywhere after trying about 4 shops in the area and even at online stores it’s not available and if I let the bike shop order the part it’s gonna cost me too much money and might still get the wrong part, since they presented me with the wrong part 3 times in a row when I asked if they have it…… So instead I ordered from a Dutch webshop and have my dear old mommy send it to me at the farm :D and hope the bike shop will install it for an agreeable price ^^. But first it just needs to arrive in one piece ^^

Anyway the last 2 weeks have been filled with lots of good weather and have mostly been working without or only a tshirt, yep… it’s still that warm here in the afternoons :D although mornings and evenings are still pretty cold :(

Besides the work I haven’t really been doing much, mostly relaxing by the fire place, watching videos, meditating and reading a very interesting book, so much so I read about 211 pages in 3 days which for me is quite something :P on the Sundays I try to have a nice zen day since everything is closed and there’s isn’t really anything to do anyway, so lots of meditating, yoga and even some fasting :D

The work these 2 weeks were mostly just
- trimming the grapevines
- chopping more wood (although I was a bit too enthusiastic since the next day I was completely exhausted and felt like I ran a marathon or something :P)
- cleaning up all the fallen leafs
- cleaning the garden, raking the growbeds
- Placing new poles and cables for the grapevines to hang on.

On Tuesday 8 December it was apparently a holiday here so we didn’t do a lot of work at all and had a very nice and long lunch which was very fun, talking with Valentina’s parents about my trip while drinking lots of wine and eating yummy foods :D Unfortunately it was also the day that the Canadian couple left, so now I’m here with only Ismael (the Brazilian guy) but luckily I can ignore him much easier now and so the irritation level isn’t getting that high ^^

Other than that I’ve been playing a lot with the animals, cats and puppies and also got some cat food to feed a very skinny old cat here on the farm, poor little kitty, so I give him some extra food during the day, yes the other cats also get some of course but mostly snoozles (the skinny one). Funny thing now is, since they know I give them some food, they run straight towards me whenever they see me :D

That’s pretty much about it for these last 2 weeks, I’m curious for xmas and nye but all in all it will probably be very quiet since I really have no plans, but to be honest I don’t really mind and will probably enjoy doing nothing ^^