test2: levi

view from ontop of the little village

What a good start for these past two weeks ^^ starting with a lovely Zen Sunday, some fasting, meditating, yoga etc and was very relaxed throughout the day, really wonderful :D However the next day Monday 21 dec was even better since Ismael (the annoying Brazilian volunteer) finally left, wooohooooo ^^

Tuesday 22 dec was also a relaxing day, since it was a very short workday, because of a big lunch group at the restaurant and after lunch I didn’t have any stuff to do on the farm ^^ so I enjoyed a lot of wine during lunch and after that chilled out by the fireplace in the guesthouse :) Ow and I finally received the needed part to upgrade my bike woohooo :D (a freewheel with better gears for climbing, google it if you don’t know what a freewheel is :P)

Wednesday 23 dec was nothing worthwhile mentioning…… just chopping wood, taking it easy and updating a website that I have made for someone ^^

Thursday 24 dec on the other hand was much more fun….. during the day me and Andrea filtered the wine and cleaned out the wine barrels again which we did fairly fast, even though it took us all day, last time there were four of us and also taking all day ^^. After all that work I thought to chill out by the fireplace and watch some movies, but those plans were quickly cancelled since Andrea came and get me to go to Piedimonte for a big family dinner, which despite me being pretty tired was fun, the family and friends and me were quickly warmed up to each other and luckily there were plenty of people that speak English and had some nice talks with them, mostly about my trip though ^^ So all in all lots of fun with lots of wine and great people :D

The first day of X-mas was also very nice, first of course slept in quite late and sleep of the hangover :P and was planning on a day of doing nothing, mayb have a zen afternoon or something, but during a skype call with a friend back home I was once again called to join Andrea etc for another family meal in Piedimonte, mostly the same people as the xmas dinner so that was very nice again and drank a whole lot less since I was still feeling a little woozy from the previous evening/night ^^ the food was really good (better than the night before) and after all the eating was done, somewhere in the evening :P we all played a game of bingo, only the Italian version which I’m told is different :P (although I didn’t really notice what the difference might have been :P)

The second day of xmas was also quite nice, no big family meals this day, but didn’t feel like doing nothing so instead I chopped some wood for the fireplace later in the day ^^ and besides that it was lovely weather and nice to be outside :D At lunch some of Andrea and Valentina’s family came over although not that many this time and luckily it was a normal lunch, not another one that lasted until late in the evening, two in a row is more than enough for me :P

Sunday 27 dec I was able to sleep in nice and late again, which I really needed, and stayed in bed for as long as I could^^ until I was completely awake and started getting myself ready to go to a small village on the other side of the valley to meet up with Nicoletta (Warmshowers hostess in Naples) to catch up and walk/cycle around some of the tiny but lovely villages in the area, had lots of fun but because she still had a couple hours to go to get back home and the short days she couldn’t stay very long and we went our separate ways again. On my way back to the farm I got me some snacks at the only supermarket in the area that was open and also some easy to make dinner stuff, since I do kinda miss cooking for myself from time to time^^. Finally back at the farm I was pretty exhausted and was quite surprised about that….. it seems not cycling for more than 2 months has taking a toll……. Either that or it’s because of all the drinking the previous days :P

new and installed freewheel

Wooooohooooo Monday 28 dec I finally had the freewheel upgrade installed on my bike :D and she works like a charm ^^ the guys at the bike shop also made all the proper adjustments to all the gears (which apparently weren’t set up correctly when I bought it :/ ) and now there are no more rattling noises coming from my bike ^^ and I think it’s gonna save me a lot of trouble when riding my bike, especially when climbing, better test it out soon ^^. Other than that it was just a nice day replacing poles and wiring on which the grapevines are attached together with Aldo (a cool guy who often helps out at the farm)

Tuesday and Wednesday were nothing spectacular except for the wonderful weather ^^ replaced some more poles and wires, however it was pretty cool taking down a couple of trees with chainsaw and pulling it down with the tractor ^^

Thursday 31 dec me and Aldo replaced some more poles and wires but stopped pretty early since he had stuff to do, so I went to chill out until about 9pm and wanted to myself a nice dinner in the fireplace but just as I was about to start Andrea came to get me again for dinner in the restaurant so went there instead and was seated on a table with some of their friends who are pretty at English so that was a lot of fun and once again there were many questions about my trip and for the x thousand time was declared crazy for doing it all by bike :P Also it seems my Italian is improving somewhat since I had somewhat of a conversation with some older guy in Italian of course and he too had many questions about my trip and yes also thought I am crazy for doing it :P

Friday 01 Jan I was once again pretty hungover from all the different kinds of wine and shots etc. with quite a knot in my stomach and being quite tired I didn’t feel like being social much so I secluded myself to the guesthouse and enjoyed the fireplace and some movies and finally cooked myself some delicious food :D

Saturday 2 Jan was pretty shitty weather, grey, wet and cold, reminding me a lot of back home and why I don’t plan on returning for a while (sorry mom :P). Luckily I didn’t have to do a lot of work and soon enough was back at the fireplace to warm myself up ^^.

Sunday 3 Jan had a nice late sleeping in again, but actually a bit too long since I was planning to do a 100km ride to test the new freewheel, but it was already too late to start the 5+ hour trip since it still gets dark pretty early, meaning it gets pretty cold and the roads are not very pleasant to cycle in the dark since there are hardly any streetlights and it is somewhat more enjoyable to see where you’re cycling (rode a couple time in the dark already and it’s really not very fun and quite stressful, especially on the bigger roads). So instead of doing that I had myself another wonderful Zen afternoon (fasting, meditating and yoga etc ) and started typing out this very long blogpost ^^.