test2: levi

bike trip2 at farm

The last 3 weeks or so were actually pretty quiet and nothing very exciting happened really……

Had some various weather with the worst of it being grey and rainy or just fairly cold (a couple of days between 4 and 7C) but mostly the days start of cold and foggy which often clears up to sunny and actually pretty warm ^^ at least warm enough for just a t shirt before it gets cold again in late afternoon. No snow and such so far except for up in the mountains and I am trying to figure out where the skiing places are and how to get there and if it’s not too expensive give a shot at snowboarding again ^^ but we’ll have to see……..

The highlights of these weeks were an Italian holiday on the 6th of January, something about a witch handing out present and sweets ^^, so had a nice long lunch with lots of vino and great food :D and at the 10th of January going out for a ride on my bike to test out the freewheel upgrade, only a short 50km that days since I started a bit late and it got dark and cold pretty early unfortunately, but all in all it was good to be on my bike again and the upgrade made a big difference :D

Now I’m just thinking of getting a butterfly handlebar for better and more hand positions ^^ and if I do I might as well get some new shoes and a good weather proof jacket since they are both full of holes now :P farm work seems to be pretty hard on the clothes :P the thing is……. The Decathlon store I want to get it all is 50km far so I’ll have to plan it for a nice a sunny day to do the 100km shopping round :P

The farm work was pretty diverse so that was pretty nice, from very relaxing to pretty hard work ^^ mostly it was:
- chopping wood
- cleaning/ sweeping the farm
- Clearing weeds and grass around trees
- fertilize the trees (or better known as shoveling cow shit :P)
- playing with a motorized weed whacker, clearing weeds and bushes, really fun :D
- replacing lots and lots of poles for the grape plants. ( 1 wrestling to get the old pole out, 2 drill a hole, 3 place new pole, 4 hitting the pole in deep with a sledgehammer)

After the work I haven’t really been doing much, also since the evenings are pretty cold and of course I’m naturally lazy :p so mostly chilling by the fire watching movies and series, I devoured a couple of books (Pandora by Anne rice, The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho and half of: one flew over the coocoo’s nest but I didn’t like so quit that one :P) so all in all pretty relaxing ^^

Ow and last Friday 22 January a new volunteer couple has arrived at the farm ^^ so it’s nice to have some more people around at the farm ^^