getting grapevines of the cables at farm

A bit more varied two weeks this time especially with the other volunteers and also pretty fun, at least with Flora (Chiara apparently) and the newest volunteer Emma (from Colorado USA) since Musa (Kevin) literally didn’t do anything since he was supposed to be sick, however that was no excuse for his antisocial behavior, and after about a week got kicked of the farm by Andrea, too bad for Chiara since she did take part in the work etc …… oh well, so be it ^^

Beside new volunteers, there are now also some new animals at the farm, the new additions are a piggy (Lizzy named after my mom :P) and a load of chickens and roosters, but there are too many of them to name them. :P

The work was also somewhat varied, so that was nice ^^ these past two weeks we have done pretty much the following:
- Cut down a lot of cane, and prepare it for use (kept us busy for at least 5 days : /)
- Tidying up the farm
- Cleaning up the Grape Field
- Paint a roof
- fixed a laptop
- Planted Fruit trees
- Chopping wood (yes again: P)
- Cutting loose the Grapes vines from the iron wire

Also chilled out a lot and enjoy the weather again because we’ve been having some wonderful weather :D Other than that I meditated a lot and did lots of yoga too, which I’m noticeably getting better at which gives lots of satisfaction, I'm also busy gathering information and tutorials about video editing since I ordered an action camera from china (kind of a fake GoPro for 25euro) so I want to start making videos while cycling etc etc so I’m also brainstorming for a catchy name for my youtube channel, but little to no success :P
So if you have a good idea for a channel name I’d love to hear it since I’m terrible with names, both coming up with them and remembering :P (you can send it via facebook or email, see contact page)

And Friday Feb 5 I finally cycled to Decathlon to go hunting for some necessary and desirable things. Unfortunately they didn’t have all what I wanted but at least they did have the stuff I needed, so I didn’t cycle 93km for nothing ^^ (93km is there and back) The trip was quite challenging and I noticed I’m quite out of shape, but it was great to be on the road again and the landscape was also very nice, despite the hills I had to climb over twice (total +/- 900m).

When I finally arrived at Decathlon I was already quite tired so I took my sweet time wandering around the store …… and damn they really have almost everything to do with sports so it was pretty cool to just look around :P. Eventually I found everything I needed except for the butterfly handlebar and a bottle cage adapter :(so eventually went back with only the necessary things:
- Cycling jacket to keep me warm and lets the liters of sweat pass through it :D
- New pair of shoes since my old shoes are full of holes and the soles are starting to fall off :P
- New headlamp, with the old one, the elastic is broken
- Chain oil
- Foam sleeping mat, because there is a tiny hole in my air mattress somewhere which I cannot find and therefore cannot fix: / and in addition, the foam mat weighs less than half the of what the air mattress weighs ^^ And unfortunately I pissed away 6euro since I got inside the wrong tube protector tape and of course only figured that out when I got back to the farm: P oh well fortunately it’s only stuff

After 1.5 hours, I had enough of Decathlon and thought it was a good idea to go to a kebab shop for lunch I encountered on the way there, but unfortunately there was no kebab to be found :( so I kept on going and after about an hour and 2 steep climbs finally found an open shop to get some food which I really needed because I felt VERY hungry, weak and shaky, but pizza and chocolate proved to be the perfect remedy ^^ and some 2 hours with a debilitating head wind later I was finally back @ the farm and very exhausted :P The next day I was pretty sore with heavy arms, legs etc so luckily it was a fairly quiet day with very nice weather and could Sundays delicious all day doing nothing :D.