Blossoms at farm

“Piano Piano” an Italian saying I’ve been applying a lot here at the farm. It kinda means take it easy/relax, a little bit like the Spanish mañana I suppose ^^

The slow paced farmlife is still going very well and still to my liking, however I am getting itchier and itchier to get back on the road, especially now that the weather seems to be quickly improving, every week it seems to get a little better, even the geese are starting to lay eggs (although there are still cold and rainy days)+ I still have to wait for my order from China to arrive, so I’ll have to be patient a little while longer.

These past two weeks have been quite diverse again keeping it all fun and interesting to me. I have been:
- Clearing rust off of an old recycled window frame
- Painted a roof while enjoying the sun.
- Had a great workout moving around lots of concrete, old demolished concrete to a dump spot and new concrete to be used in the new bathroom in Andrea’s house
- painted a table and set of chairs
- Made an old wooden board into a sink table, so lots and lots of flattening it out and sanding, but the end result is very pretty and smooth as a babies butt :P .
- And dug out a ditch which has been overflowing on some rainy days.

For a change I didn’t spend most of my free time chilling out and relaxing, but instead, as you have now noticed I’ve been building my new website and social media pages, it took me about a week of “hard” work but for now the most important things are finished. There still some things on the to-do list so with time you will be noticing some changes and added pages, but for right now back to my zen Sunday and enjoy the lovely and warm sun we’re having today.