SpritzTime at farm

Cheers, Saluti, tjing tjing, kanpai, nostrovia, skal and proost. Another 2 weeks raced by and another couple of volunteers arrived and you can probably guess lots of drinks have been drunk.

It’s a lot of fun with the new volunteers Arthur and Lele from France even when we’re not drinking anything, we’re having lots of laughs and stupid jokes.

The work these 2 weeks were again pretty varied and mostly pretty laid back, not too much heavy lifting etc. which is also nice for a change ^^, we
- Planted olive trees
- Cleaned the wine barrels and filtered the wine again
- Had a BIG spring cleaning all over the farm
- Planted lots and lots of rosemary in pots so the can grow roots to be planted in the rosemary hedge
- Chopped wood
- Cleaned out the entire restaurant kitchen, so it can be painted
- Clean all the kitchen stuff (counters, sinks, stoves, fridges etc etc)
- and lots of sweeping.

The last 3 days though were really chill, since Andrea wasn’t at the farm and Aldo didn’t show up to take us to go working in the grapevine fields, so we pretty much filled in the days on our own and yes even though we didn’t do much we did do some productive things mentioned above ;).

In the off time and besides the drinking I have been doing some designing; a Logo for an organization based in Napoli, now just to wait and see if they choose my design over the others, and in case it does get chosen I’ll let you see how it turned out and started to make some t-shirt designs with the idea to try and sell them online to generate some income instead of only spending money ^^.

I will keep you updated how it all works out with the shirts etc. and here is an example of my first t-shirt design I hope you like it.