the grapevine office at farm0

It’s been a busy happening these past two weeks……… There were two birthdays (Lele’s and mine), another group of volunteers have come and gone, puked my guts out due to a stomach virus, some new animals arrived (4 sheep) and I decided I want to hit the road again on the 4th of April.

Even though a lot of things happened it was still very relaxing and chill here at the farm of course :P enjoying lots of drinks and just taking things easy. On the 12th of march, one day before my birthday a group of new volunteers arrived at the farm, a family from Australia with a baby girl doing a euro tour on the cheap hence them volunteering here and right on time to join all the sweet treats of the following day.

As usual I had not really planned to do anything for my birthday except for relaxing my butt off :P lunch was really nice though and got a very cool and homemade cake from Valentina which was really nice and very tasty, I also got some packages from the home front with LOTS of candy which was much appreciated :D and was much to everyone’s liking.

Unfortunately from Ginny I received a nasty stomach virus (actually pretty much everyone got some :P) which had me bedridden for about a day and a half puking my guts out about every hour (it was almost like clockwork) which was pretty damn exhausting, but I was happy that after about 12 hours or so the nausea finally subsided.

The work of these past two weeks were mostly pretty fun and had lots of good weather making it very enjoyable to be working outside. The things we did this period:
- Finished up painting and cleaning the Restaurant
- tying grapevines to their supports
- Weeding in the veggie garden (lots and lots of weeding actually :P)
- planted Potatoes
- tilled some soil to prepare for planting.

Ps. Finally my action camera has arrived, but unfortunately, with it being a knock off from china, it’s a really crap video quality which is not very usable. SO instead I gave it to the French couple for Lele’s bday since for some reason they really like low quality video camera’s……… I asked my mom to try another camera but we’ll have to wait and see if that one will shoot proper HD video so video’s of my trip remain on a halt :P.

Pps unfortunately the baby sheep with the bad neck didn’t survive :(