test2: levi

RideAround at farm14

The last 2 weeks at the farm have floated past and to be honest, were not very eventful ^^ But the weather has taken a turn for the better and except for 1 rainy day I’ve had to suffer temperatures of around 20 – 25C, uffff what can life be hard :P

Thanks to this nice weather I went for another ride around the area here, to see how badly in shape I am…… which is not very bad, but not very good either :p so I’ll be taking it nice and easy until I feel up for doing long (100km) distances again J. The area is really beautiful as you can see in the images below, I also found where the Eurovelo 5 route (London – Brindisi) is in the area which I will follow for a bit, although not completely since I want to go to the coast ASAP and EV 5 doesn’t go there.

The farm work these weeks were also pretty relaxed although had some pretty long days too.
- Plowed a bit in the garden
- more weeding
- planting lots and lots of onions about 20.000 and about double that at the other farm in Alife.
- Helped out a bit in the kitchen
- fixed my ripped shorts

I also discovered some typical Dutch decorated plates on the farm, was pretty interesting ^^ it’s called Delfts Blue and comes from the town of delft ;)

Today (Sunday) is all about relaxing gather all my stuff, pack up and finish up finding a host or spot to pitch my tent for at least a night ^^ and mayb some meditating and yoga