test2: levi

view break on way to TufaraValle


The time had come to leave the farm and get back on the road again, which filled me with Excitement a little anxiety and a little sadness. Excited to get adventurous again, the little anxiety about all the things that could possibly go wrong and the little sadness to say goodbye to such great people whom I will miss.

Luckily once I got on my bike both the anxiety and sadness dissolved into thin air I was filled with excitement and energy. It was great being back on the road again although the route turned out a bit harder than I thought, with LOTS of climbs from small easy ones to long and pretty steep ones (up to 11%) which took a lot out of me, but I made it up there none the less, with bits of walking though, but that’s also what I expected after not cycling for about 6 months. So all in all I’m not in such a bad shape as I thought.

Exhausted from all the climbing I arrived at warmshowers host Massimo and his family in the early evening (town called Tufara Valle). They are all very kind and hospital people and two little rascals racing all around the house. It turns out that Massimo also gives Cycling tours in Napoli to mostly Dutch people and asked if I could help out with that, which I was very eager to do. So instead of the planned 2 nights stay, I’ll be staying here until a package arrives from NL and help out with some chores and the tour organization.


The first full day here was a really relaxing one, a nice and slow start up before going to the nearby city Benevento to get a tour of the city from someone on couchsurfing who felt bad for having to decline my request last minute. It’s a real nice city with not too many people so it’s nice and quite giving it a pretty relaxed atmosphere. After an hour or two Massimo had a break and so we went to have lunch with the 3 of us, which was really fun and filled with laughs and kebab, yummmmmm.

Park in Benevento

Late afternoon me and Massimo went to do so groceries for the chicken fried rice I would make for them, unfortunately it’s very difficult to find certain ingredients otherwise I would have made a nice Pad Thai :( oh well you have to make some sacrifices while traveling I guess :p. But I’m happy to report the chicken fried rice was well received.


The next day (Wednesday) I went for a walk in the hills in the area, I followed route that Massimo had shown me the day before which was really enjoyable, very little traffic, lots of nature and loads of birds singing me the song of their people ow any even more little lizards running away in fear or whatever :P Got chased a bit by some dogs on 3 separate occasions but they were very small so with a couple of shouts and gestures they left me alone again.

WalkView at TufaraValle2

Thursday was what could be called a “workday”, I helped with some chores around the house and another property they have in another village nearby. Painted some walls to hide some water damage fixed some holes in a wall did some bits of gardening and helped plant 2 trees, while in between just chilling here and there, so not exactly a typical workday :P

TOURDAY !! Unfortunately I woke up a bit late on Friday but it turned out that wasn’t really a problem, I shoved down a quick breakfast and got ready to go to Napoli, but first we had to make a couple of stops to pick up some colored wall paint and a visit to Decathlon ( I love these stores) and I found something useful again to add to my bike.

When we finally arrived in Napoli we quickly unloaded the bikes, put them back together and start the seemingly impossible task of finding a parking spot. Around 15.30 everybody had arrived and the tour started, in total about 12 dutchies, one older woman traveling alone and a group of 11 girls on a weekend trip, so as you can imagine I had a great time ^^ The tour itself was really nice and I learned some more interesting things about Napoli. Massimo also enjoyed it although with a group this big it’s a bit difficult to keep everyone’s attention.


Saturday was another “workday” and I painted a big wall a nice color of red, took me most of the day but enjoyed it none the less, I think the beers and lots of breaks had something to do with that ^^.

And now, Sunday, so far I’m chilling typing this blog editing the photo’s and after lunch I think I’ll go for another walk around here.