test2: levi

view at rignano

The second week at host Massimo in Tufara Valle was also very nice and pretty diverse, I had lot’s of time for relaxing, helped with another tour in Napoli this time just 2 Dutch women which was pretty fun, did some gardening, made an onion grow bed and did some more painting.

Finally got my good GoPro rip off action camera, although it was a bit troublesome since SOMEONE put the wrong address on the package………. Luckily Massimo made some calls and had a friend of his who lives close to the post depot go and pick it up :D which I am very grateful for.

And with the arrival of the camera also came the time for me to hit the road again, also since Massimo and his family were soon to leave for a family weekend to the coast.

So Saturday after sleeping in a bit too late and welcoming some new kittens into the world I headed out in the direction of Puglia, but first was going to spend the night in Savignano, a little village in the hills, the ride was pretty difficult since it was all upwards, luckily no steep inclinations but climbing for 5 hours in a wonderful heat is still enormously exhausting.

pffff no wonder I'm so tired..... 150.5km + 2089m of climbing in two days^^ with temperatures of 30 to 36C

So after about 5 hours I almost made it to the village but not before my chain decided to fly of the front gears and get stuck in there somehow, AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!, that really sucked monkey balls :/ but after a little fight with the chain it came loose and I was able to put it back and get to the village where I first got myself a lot of cold drinks before looking for a place to set up camp, which eventually was behind an seemingly abandoned building.

Since it was still pretty light when I got there I decided to first rest up a bit and make myself some dinner and wait until it got dark before pitching my tent. Nobody found me there and except for lots of little animals I was alone for the whole night.

The next day I woke up with the rising sun, but refused to get out just yet :P after some more chilling and a big breakfast I left to head to the next destination, Rignano garganica. After Savignano it was pretty much all downhill or flat so that was really enjoyable, especially after a full day of climbing. It didn’t take me long to arrive in Foggia, mayb an hour and a half to cover about 40km :) and decided to take a nice long break there. I bought myself a nice gelato and some cold drinks to cool down since it was about 35 C, after cooling down a bit a wandered around the center a little and stumbled upon a nice food market which was very nice, but unfortunately it was all quite expensive for my taste, about 5 or 7 euros for a single burger :/

Around 15h I arrived a the foot of the hill which I had to climb up 600m to get to the village where host Nazareno lives, but that was much harder than expected due to the day before, the hot weather and 80km to get there, but after about an hour or 2 of struggling I finally made it to the village, completely exhausted. Unfortunately host Nazareno wasn’t yet back from his job so I had to wait a while, so in the mean time I got myself a nice pizza and lot’s of cold drinks. Once Nazareno finally arrived he showed me to my room, which has an incredible view and chatted a little before he left me to my own devices :P, which was shower, chill out and sleep.

Today Monday april 18 I only want to rest and relax eat and drink and luckily there is a kebab shop here which I have been craving for the last couple of days, so that’s where I’ll be going in a little bit ^^.