Bella polignano8

With Tuesday knocking on the door it was time to leave Bari again, bye bye wonderful hot tub and very friendly hosts. My plan was to first go to Bari and explore the old town a little, since I was too tired/lazy during my days with my hosts. After just a short while some guy in a car stopped me for a little chat, all good and fun, until out of the blue he asked if I would have sex with him….. WTF :/

So I quickly jumped back on my bike and got the hell out of there…… really weird :s Anywho…… the old town of Bari was really nice and walked around for about an hour or two enjoying the old buildings and narrow streets and luckily stumbled upon a yummie yummie kebab shop :P After which I slowly started making my way towards Conversano, only 30km or so away.

Unfortunately my legs were still feeling a little bit heavy from the 129km to Bari which kinda bummed me out a little bit after a little while, so I took a couple of good breaks which solved that problem very quickly ^^

When I arrived in Conversano my GPS again decided to send me to a wrong address and in the middle of the town just stopped working on me (no gps signal) grrrrrr a little annoyed I went to the biggest piazza and contacted host Luigi to come and get me, but even before I hit send I already heard somebody calling my name :P Luigi just got out from work nearby, good timing ^^

After getting my stuff unloaded and a quick refreshing shower Luigi gave me a nice bike tour around the town which is also really nice and beautiful, so definitely worth a visit if any of you are in the area ;)

Around 21h his wife Daniela also arrived quickly followed by a friend of theirs which meant….. dinner time, which was really fun and very tasty.

The next day (Wednesday) after a nice long sleep of course I made a day trip to some towns in he area, but since the main road is pretty boring Daniela showed/ dropped me off on a very nice route through the country side, the road was all downhill which is always fun and I arrived in the first town Polignano a Mare really quickly and my oh my …….. it really is an incredibly beautiful town.

Bella polignano4

It’s built on the cliffs along the sea which is a beautiful blue color and very clear…… really a town to capture a lot of postcard photo’s :P I took my time walking around the old town center with again a lot of beautiful narrow streets, all made of white stones. It was quickly clear to me that this is one of the big tourist attractions in the area, but luckily it’s still off/low season so it wasn’t all that busy, if it was I’m afraid it would take away a lot of it’s allure……. But not this day :D

After Polignano I made my way to Monopoli…… yes like the game :P although there was nothing game like to be found :P but instead another beautiful historic center, it’s a bit smaller and not as beautiful as Polignano but very nice none the less and it was also nice and quiet ^^ after some walking around and arriving at the same piazza for the fifth time I figured I probably saw it all and relaxed a little on the piazza with a nice Gelato :D and made my way back to Polignano to chill on the rocky beach for a bit and have a quick jump in the water, which was a bit colder than I expected so I quickly stumbled my way back to dry land making some people on the beach have a good laugh.

Back in Conversano I was gonna cook for Luigi, Daniela and two of their friends and made a successful thai curry which everybody liked a lot :D we had some good laughs and lots of fun the rest of the evening.

awesome hosts and friends conversano

Thursday I left Conversano to make my way to another HelpX farm, a short 20km away, so I took it nice and easy, but still arrived sooner than I thought which is fine of course, unfortunately I had a very bad connection, making it a little difficult to let my hosts (Pippi and Jose) know I had arrived at the place we would meet :P after a while finally my message made it through and got picked up by Jose, just a 5 minute ride to their farm, which is really nice, they recently finished their trullo house which is really beautiful and the farm itself is also really nice and well-kept according to several permaculture ideas, which I like a lot :D

These past couple of days were really nice and relaxing kinda a good way to describe Pippi and Jose too ^^ We fertilized a field of olive trees, prepared a patch of ground to be turned into a tomato and pepper garden and put some leafs all over another garden to protect the soil from the hot sun and keep the moisture where it is needed, in the soil.