ferry to Igouminitsa

My last 2 days in Albania, Saranda were very relaxing and easy going, I didn’t really do anything except enjoy the beach since I pretty much saw all the sights etc. and was actually planning to leave Monday but it was pretty bad weather……. So I stayed another 2 days.

Wednesday 15-06-2016 it was time to go…… the route was very nice, not too much climbing just some small hills here and there and more beautiful scenery, it was pretty hot but the heat was manageable. Soon enough I crossed the border into Greece and immediately noticed a big difference with Albania….. (so far) none of the climbs are so crazy steep or as high :D

When arriving at my destination for the day, Igouminitsa, I met a cycling couple with some bad luck, they had a flat and thought it was one of the double patches that was leaking and thus wanted a new inner tube. Unfortunately most shops are closed on Wednesday for some reason in Greece so no option to get an inner tube.

So while trying to think of a temporary solution we had some interesting conversations, turned out they made it all the way from Thailand and going back to the guys house in Spain…… really impressive, they would take the Thursday evening ferry to Italy and from there go on by bike, so we stuck together for Wednesday evening and went to look for a place where we could wildcamp ^^

While we were looking for a place somehow their bad luck rubbed of on me and I had my first flat with my Bianchi bike after more than 1000km……. thanks for that guys :P but quickly enough it was patched and soon after found ourselves a good spot to set up camp.

Igouminitsa fixing flat 2

Apparently the camp spot wasn’t all that good after all…… since I had a terrible night sleep and woke up very early due to some annoying semi buried stones under my tent which I was unable to remove……. We all took our time getting ready that morning and had a nice shower at our private beach shower (apparently there are many showers and taps along many beaches here in Greece, good stuff :D )

When we were all done and packed up, we made our way to the bikeshop to get some inner tubes, me too, just in case and afterwards I finally got my Greek SIM ^^ but then it was time to say goodbye since they were gonna wait for the ferry and I was going to continue my way south.

Again the scenery was wonderful, but the heat……. That was a but too much, luckily I was able to refill my water bottles and get myself wet to cool down on several occasions but it was still too hot.

Around 15.30 I arrived at a beautiful beach and took a good 2 hour break, most of it in the water and was thinking to maybe stay there for the night, but after a little while my head started to hurt a bit which made me think I overexerted myself and got a little dehydrated because of that so instead decided to go to a nearby camping to drink, relax and cool down as much as I could.

Friday I woke up feeling very exhausted, all my muscles were feeling very heavy…… my legs and arms felt like they were covered in lead, so I stayed an extra day to rest up. Most of the day I was alternating between the beach/ sea and the shadow near my tent relaxing, swimming and relaxing some while drinking lots and lots of water.

Riza sunset

During the day I was starting to feel a little down and lonely, which happens when I’m pretty tired/exhausted and was once again doubting what the hell I am doing…… but thanks to the magic of music combined with a beautiful sunset while having my dinner I was quickly feeling better and was enjoying myself once again.