test2: levi

As you see on the title I have left the dive center, after giving it another week or so I decided it’s not for me to work such long days without the promised scuba lessons. Too bad since all the people are really nice and I got along with them very well (yes even with the boss that was yelling at me some time ago about the peddle boat)

This last week was more than just being at the dive center at least for a couple of days of the last week or so I was there first and foremost….. I finally got a well needed day off after about 8 long days of working 8.30 to 19 (some days) and you can probably guess I took a nice relaxing lazy day J

After that I decided to start up with their website which was more interesting to do than the whole routine of opening the center getting gear ready and later cleaning it all and putting it back again, so that was a good excuse for me to not help with that stuff, so the next several days that was mostly what I was doing at the center.

At some of the more quiet days we all took some relaxing long breaks, going peddle boarding or kayaking which was a nice change of pace, although I must say peddle boarding was quite challenging with even some small waves and I fell off at least 3 times :P but all in all was fun to do.

The most fun things this last week were helping out with a sail trip (the dive center also organizes these) I was to help the skipper to entertain (read get drunk) the customers who were all Dutchies, so getting them drunk was pretty easy :P and we had some fun times talking and swimming and eating a nice big lunch I cooked.

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It was also a day with a lot of wind and thus big waves pushing the boat in every and all direction, and although some of the customers were feeling a little unpleasant nobody had to go over the railing, thank heavens, since I really didn’t want to have to clean that up :p

The second one was a fun dive with HelpX-ers Chris and Sarah were we practiced some underwater buoyancy exercises, although it was more just having fun like having an underwater running race, trying to pick up a plastic board with our mouth by only using our buoyancy (so no use of legs or arms allowed) , trying to float in one place as a meditating budda and doing some underwater backflips. All in all definitely the most fun dive I’ve done here.

Other than this all the other days at the center were again the boring same days……. Mixed with a bit of web design, at least in our off time we had some fun here and there with a BBQ, a visit to the bay next to ours and on my last day a nice dinner at a restaurant.

And then Saturday (23-7-2016) I hit the road again, on to Rethymno some 65 km to the west. It was a pretty challenging day with lots of little climbs but what was the hardest was the heat and being out of shape after 3 or so weeks of not cycling :P but I enjoyed it struggle and to just be on the road again.

I was a bit in a hurry though since I wanted to arrive before host Kyrillos had to go to work (16.00 to 00.30) and I didn’t want to have to wait until after he was done working to have a shower and be able to relax (if I did have to wait it would’ve been better to camp at a beach or something :P) but I made it in time even with some needed little breaks and a flown off chain :/

Kyrillos turned out to be a real nice and laidback guy living in a university dorm, which was now pretty much deserted and after 5 minutes of meeting me already trusted me with the keys….. and left for work shortly after giving me a quick tour.

After a much needed refreshing cool shower I went to relax a little and actually fell asleep for an hour or so and wow that was a really nice nap ^^ and took me a while to really wake up from so I watched some series episodes, meditated a little and found some sweet cute little kittens to play with :D

meet kittens rethymno

Around 20.00 I thought it was high time to do go and do something so I took the bus to the center where I walked around for some time, enjoying the very nice old town and trying the Pokemon Go game to see what all the fuss is about (I must say it’s an interesting way to discover things in a unknown city ^^) but since it’s a giant drain on the battery I turned it off again after not too long and enjoyed watching the tourist zoo fussing around all the high priced restaurants and tourist junkshops trying to get the best deal they could find for their dinners or souvenirs.

After some hours of enjoying this spectacle and wandering around the city center the tiredness was hitting me hard again and decided it was time to head back to the university dorms instead of meeting with Kyrillos after his work (which was another 1.5 of waiting). Although it turned out I had missed the last bus by 10minutes …. Grrrrr and had to walk back, not too far just a km or 3…… and it was a pretty nice walk to, even caught some more pokemon on the way :P

rethymno port at night

Sunday was a typical one of pretty much not doing anything :P spend as good as the whole day on the beach, an actual sandy beach (it’s been a while) and enjoyed he whole spectacle of tourists fussing about again since it was pretty crowed ^^ starting the evening I walked around the center a little more, enjoyed a beautiful sunset and then went back to the dorm to make me some dinner, with which I was joined by about 6 hungry little kittens to keep me company and make cooking a bit of a challenge :P But they enjoyed my meal even more than I did so that was quite pleasing to me, the rest of the evening I was just relaxing, watching a movie while being kuddled (almost to death) by the sweet little kittens ^^ I hardly managed to actually go to bed since I didn’t want to disturb their nap on my lap/neck/feet etc :P

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