test2: levi

After having a nice relaxing and yet painful couple of days at the camping it was time to keep heading north, towards Macedonia……

The reason the days at the camping were a bit painful was due to a knot from my hammock coming undone, with me in it of course and falling in a pretty unfortunate way on to my tailbone, which really hurt and was worried something may have been broken or something.

But after a couple extra days of resting most of the pain has subsided so luckily it wasn’t anything serious and the company of very kind and fun camping neighbors really helped to kill the extra days at the camping, since it was starting to be a little boring :P

So after a total of 5 days everything was much better again and I decided to get back on the road since I really didn’t want to stay any longer. Good thing cycling didn’t hurt at all so I kept going to catch up on some distance ^^

After a couple of hours on the road my chain decided to come off of the crank, very annoying, but soon enough I had it back on it and just after I fixed it some guy asked if I needed some help, not needing any but having greasy hands he offered me some water to clean my hands, quickly followed asking to have sex with him…….. WTF !!!!! I said no and I quickly got back on my bike and got the hell out of there………

After about a total ride of about 108km along a very nice route I finally found a very nice place to set up my camp for that night, near a little river with clean cool water on a piece of empty farmland, had a quick refreshing wash in the river, made some dinner and got in my tent to get away from the mosquito’s and get some sleep after an exhausting day.

river campspot1

Waking up early the next morning (Wednesday 10 -8-2016) I discovered one on my tent poles had broken :( but since it held up that whole night I just packed up camp and started on my last day in Greece, being close to the border. Around 9am I already found myself in Macedonia, but the only way in was via a highway and after getting in getting of the main road was not a good idea.

I tried a couple of alternative roads but they , almost immediately, turned from bad to worse to terrible and found myself cycling pretty much on off road tracks, not something my bike is suited for so as soon as I could I went back to the main road, busy as it is, it did pass through some incredible beautiful scenery :)

For some reason I do not really know, I just kept on going and going and going until I was completely exhausted, but since I could not get of the main road so still had to keep going, after the last exhausting 30km, I finally found a camping site and called it quits for the day, finally. Too exhausted to cook I had a nice restaurant dinner after a quick cool shower and checked how much distance I had covered, apparently about 150km…….a new record :) not so strange that I was so very exhausted. When I shoved down my delicious dinner like a hungry animal I went back to my tent (still with a broken pole) and quickly fell asleep, the sun hadn’t even set yet :P

Restaurant view Macedonia

Thursday I woke up still being a bit tired from the loooong day before, so I had a nice long slow breakfast and looked on internet for some stores in Skopje where I could buy a new tent. After about an hour or so my energy had come back and I head out once again, just 50km or so to Skopje, where I had found a CS host :).

And again despite the busy road the views were breathtaking….. until about 30km out from Skopje, a police car pulled me over…… asked for my documents…… and eventually told me …. “ you, no autobahn”…. Fuckers actually kicked me of the main road :/ forcing me to take the horrible secondary roads again…. Grrrrrrr.

The first 5 km were absolutely dreadful and was a bit worried something on my bike might break…… I looked a lot for a place to get back on the main road but was unable to find an access point :( so I had to keep on going, after the 5 km out of the blue I found myself on a much more agreeable asphalted road, which kept on going pretty much all the way to Skopje, wooohoooo, here and there the road turned a little bad again, but nothing as bad as those first 5km ^^

Once I arrived in Skopje I found a place with some wifi in order to contact my hosts for my stay there, that I had arrived, about 30minutes later we met on the very pretty main square which is VERY contrasted to what I have seen previous in the country. It looked very new clean, everything in pretty white and black stone and some really huge statues/ fountains. Must have cost a lot of money…… which if you ask me could have been better spent elsewhere…… oh well……

Ivana and Silver (Cs hosts) are very nice and are also planning to do some bicycle touring in the near future and had many questions for me and I was happy to inform them, arriving at their house another surfer had also arrived and together we hung out a bit before going to the house where we (the cs surfers) would actually stay, a little house in one of the suburbs about 10km from the center, which we have all to ourselves.

For the rest of my stay in Skopje I didn’t really do anything at all, just relaxing sleeping, napping, hunt for a new tent of course and play with the many cats and kittens around the house, so all in all a very relaxing time, which is exactly what I needed after those long cycling days.

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