test2: levi

Waking up to a beautiful sky on the camping in Litomerice, I decided to take it nice and easy to get started and take my time to let my tent dry up from all the condensed moisture on the inside.

As soon as I got started I found the route along the Elbe to be incredibly nice, such a pleasure riding on an actual bike route/ paths all smooth pavement and minimal to no potholes at all :D it was actually so nice that when I arrived in Usti nad Labem I decided to take the long way round and keep following the river to Dresden for a total distance of +/- 120km instead of a more direct 80km route + a 1000m climb.

The rest of the day was a great pleasure of easy cruising along the beautiful landscapes that surround the river the ride was a bit longer than I thought it was and arrived in Dresden in the evening. I had a bit of a challenge to find the right address since my gps isn’t working but luckily I’m back to where all streets have their respective streets signs/names on every corner, making it much less of a hassle to find where I need to be.

2016 0902 153825 001

Petra, my host for Dresden was already waiting for me and after a quick introduction and a refreshing shower we had a nice evening chatting about our adventures and making a very tasty vegetarian Lasagna.

Waking up Saturday morning (04-09-2016) I was told I needed to hurry a little since Petra made a mistake with her plans and had to leave a bit earlier. For me no problem luckily since I just need a quick shower/teeth brushing and I’m good to go ^^

Petra went off to do her thing and so did I, first off to the train station to see about train tickets to NL. It was a little bit of a hassle needing to reserve a ticket for my bike instead of just getting a day ticket, but at the service desk it was all done in no time, the only thing was I would be leaving from Leipzig instead of Dresden since it was much cheaper and there was an extra day to fill between me having to leave Dresden (host) and catching the train, so that was good for a nice day of cycling.

Once I had procured my train ticket, it was time to go explore the city of Dresden. On my way from the train station to the city center there were already many street performers doing their things, many where actually a little wtf but all in all it was fun to watch as I was walking by ^^

Slowly it was getting more and more crowded as I closed in on the center of the city which apparently attracts quite a few tourists clogging all the streets. Besides that it really is a nice albeit small city center, with some markets here and there, where I got a nice lunch, a much overpriced lunch, but a tasty one. (it does take getting used to the prices again, after my time in the Balkans where everything is really nice and cheap).

After some more exploring/ wandering around the city it looks like a very interesting place with a big and interesting diversity of people from the regular types to people walking barefoot in the city and everything in between, so I think I will have to come back some day for a longer stay and really get to know the place :D

After all the walking around and chilling by the river, reading, it was getting about time to get back to Petra’s house where apparently another surfer had arrived, Anastacia from the Ukraine. Introductions and conversations were a bit short since she was planning to meet some friends and would be to join Petra and some of her friends for a nice pizza dinner.

Sunday morning (4-9-2016) it was time to make my way to Leipzig, since Anastacia was going there as well, but by bus, and a little bit scared to go couchsurfing at a guy’s place by herself she asked if I would like to join her, she already asked the host and he was fine with it and so I had a place to crash in Leipzig :)

Clicking is caring ^^

Heading out started a little confusing, since my gps isn’t working I had a hard time finding my way out of the city and on to the right road, but after several wrong turns I finally found some signs for the Elbe radweg which I followed instead of my gps, until I really had t get off the route.

Along the river cycling was very enjoyable with more high quality roads beautiful views and many others friendly cyclists for as long as it lasted. As I moved away from the river the terrain started to get more and more hilly but all in all they weren’t difficult hills to climb. Unfortunately it was starting to look as if the weather forecast was on the right end, as the sky was getting greyer and darker and just before the clouds came crashing down I was lucky enough to find a gas station to take some cover.

After about 1.5…….2 hours the rain had stopped and I went on my way again through the hilly German countryside, after another 2,5 hours of cycling I finally made in to Leipzig and our hosts address, where Anastacia had already arrived. Our host is a realy nice and cool guy and apparently brand new to couchsurfing as Anastacia and I were his very first surfers ^^.

After some chatting, a cup of energizing coffee and a refresheing shower we all went for a nice kebab dinner (YUMMMMMMM) and a quick tour of the city after which we got some beers and headed back to base for some more relaxing, chatting and just having fun with our host and friends/roommates.

And then came the very last day of my trip (Monday 5-9-216) With a nice breakfast in my belly I said my goodbyes to Anastacia, our host and his roommates and made my way to the train station. It was a loooong train ride from Leipzig > Hannover > Amsterdam > Den Haag of about 8 hours.

The first thing I did being back in NL was to get myself a nice “broodje kroket” which I had been craving for a looooong time, and it was DE-LICIOUS !!! After that I finished that piece of delight I made my way home to surprise my unsuspecting mom who had no idea I would be back yet ;)

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