cleaing the leaves at farm

Farmlife two weeks or so at the farm

Well to be honest nothing really interesting happening here at the farm, it’s mostly quite relaxing actually ^^ although I did get a nasty cold on the first days. The work is not very hard at all, even though I did get some blisters on my hands quite quickly :P but that’s just from the first couple of days of “hard” work. The people here are all very nice but unfortunately not much English is spoken by most of them which makes it very quiet for me, but then that is also pretty nice, although someone to have a nice conversation with would also be nice by now :P

view on vesuvius in naples5

Saturday 10-10-2015 Rome to Naples

Had a relaxing start today again said goodbye to Giulia and her brother since they had something to do in the morning and my train didn’t leave until 11am so I too it easy although soon enough I had to change that into hurrying a little to catch my train :P I got a nice lunch from Giulia’s mom really sweet how she keeps trying to stuff me full of delicious food :P after saying goodbye to her parents I really had to get a move on since I didn’t take the traffic into account and was going to be 50-50 whether I would catch the train in time :p

colosseum in rome

Monday 05-10-2015 Civitavecchia – rome

Well doing almost nothing yesterday after setting up camp really helped, no downer day today so I could go at it again and make my way to the eternal city Rome :D

tour of area grosseto1

Thursday 01-10-2015 Castagneto carducci – Grosseto

Ufffff such a nasty hangover this morning too much organic wine I suppose :P but it was a lot of fun. After a slow start up I went back to the farm where I was staying to try and sober up and pack my things since my time there was up it took me a while but eventually was ready to go around 12.

Chilling on the beach viareggio5

Friday 25-09-2015 Levanto – Viareggio

The day started nice and easy ^^ and to be honest I didn’t really feel like leaving yet, but since theirs is not much left to do and to keep my budget in check I kinda had to move on……..