Today was a very nice day ! :) After pakcing all my stuff I went to the trainstation to pick up Raghav Bhutda, since he really wanted to join me for day of cycling and I liked some company for a change :)

Monday  27-07-2015 Bacharach - Mainz

Change of plans !! (probably)
After it finally stopt raining and I dared to get out of my tent again :p I started chatting with my camping neighbour, an retired Amsterdammer that is touring the Rhine with his wife in the opposite direction of me (so down river)

What an amazing day today was :D the weather was lovely and the route ..... my oh my so incredibly beautifull, the next bit even more so than the last and from
lovely village to lovelier village and I even had to dodge a small sportscar parade in a bit too narrow main street :P

view on way to koblenz9

Since I was told yesterday that today was gonna be a shitty rainy day again I planned it to be a short biking day, about 40km, only to wake up with some ver good weather :D
so I thought naaaah I can go further ^^

Woohoo I finally made it to the Rhine :D it took me a while since my GPS didn't wanna lead me on the route via the river, instead it kept sending me away from the Rhine to a boring main road which I did not want AT ALL. I WANNA FOLLOW THE RHINE !!!!!!

road selfie

On the road again ^^ woke up very rested today and even my legs were up to the challenge again :D
So after a nice breakfast and a goodbye to Jacob (and many many thanks) I head out to go to Liblar some 20km before Bonn

chillout place view aken

Tuesday 21-07-2015 Aachen

What a wonderfull day :) after sending out a number of warmshower requests I woke up with a nice surprise this morning.......I FOUND A HOST !!!! for the very first time :D-
A very nice and relaxed guy that has just been 2 months back from 8 months in New Zealand and his very nice mother.

Yet again a rainy wet day :/ but this time I was better prepared and had my poncho out and ready to go in no time :) which kinda helped but not all that well :p at least it did make me look like some kind of super hero biker with a (poncho)cape flapping behind me as I’m cycling :p

lunch break in belgium

After a very relaxing Saturday, today it was time to head out on the road again. The day started wet and rainy, but that was so early I just turned around and went back to sleep :p

 some reading

Today was a nice and relaxing day :D slept in till noon or so and took our time getting started which was quite necessary after yesterday’s tough ride (and last night’s drinking :P). Going out in Weet was very fun and enjoyed some nice cold beers and other weird (but tasty, except for a certain shot :p ) drinks I even made an attempt at some dancing but my muscles were still too sore :P

Ice cream break

Pppppfffffoooooooeeeeee damn today was a very tough day (frigging murphy and his damn law :/) oh well here we go……..

apple lunch break

Ooeeww such a nice wake up this morning :D sun was shining and birds where singing the song of their peoples :P and my clothes …………………. Still wet :( but they dried up quickly enough while cycling, although the wet dog smell didn’t really get out :P

Pfoee the first day of cycling is over :) WHAT A SHIT WEATHER !!!!! Rain Rain Rain dry bit and RAIN RAIN RAIN bleeeeeggghhhhh luckily it was pretty warm even with the shit rain :)