Monday 24-08-2015 Lage Garda

Well .... it was a pretty relaxed day today, we went to a local market in the morning, but first we took a little detour so Alisa (HelpX host) could show me some nice places in the area which was quite interesting ^^

view on way to lake garda1

It's nice being on the road again and the rest days in Trento really helped although here and there I still have some sore muscles but that'll be fine with some rest and yoga stretches ^^

view of trento1

Thursday 20-08-2015 Trento

Ow how nice.... nothing to do today^^ Finally a nice break from cycling and letting my legs have a well needed rest.
Woke up at around 9 or something but I just stayed in bed to around noon chilling and surfing the web, very relaxing :) untill my stomach started growling and I  dragged myself to the closest supermarket to get some food and woooww my legs felt real heavy so it's a good thing I have a couple of rest days :)

morning view at Laces

Tuesday 18-08-2015 Laces - Laives

Aaaahhww what a lovely morning, the sun was shining again and was greeted by a wonderful view and took my sweet time getting ready to get going.
Since the plan is to go to Merano and stay somewhere in that area which is only about 30km from here so no hurry at all ^^ and thus I made myself some nice green tea which I enjoyed with some fruits, chocolate, bob marley music and a lovely sunny view and all that in the early morning :P

viva italia selfie

Viva Italia !! I made it over the Reschen pass and into italy woohooooo :D

view on way to pfunds

Rain rain rain and more rain.......Only saw about 2 rays of sun today

Friday 14-05-2015 Bludenz - Landeck

Oh my Fucking hell, what a fucking day today was, Soooooo freaking hard climbing that freaking mountain ufffff, but at the same time it was also the most fucking awesome day of cycling so far ^^

view in bludenz3

Wednesday 12-08-2015 Bregenz - Bludenz

Today is exactly 4 weeks ago that I started my journey and also my very first day in the Alps, What a treat !! with such beautiful sceneries :D

arriving in Bregenz

AAHHHHWWW my butt/leggs are sore !!!!!!

I MADE IT !!!!! to the source of the Rhine !!!! woooohoooooo and it's freaking beautifull !!! :D

Uffff what a horrible night...... Apparently I locked myself in my tent with a couple of mosquitos :/ Which woke me up several times, but unfortunatly I could find any of the bastards :(
So when it was finally getting light, I started hunting a bit and got at least two of those fuckers and was able to sleep a couple more hours before the sun turned the sauna on again and I had to get out.

view on way to hohentengen4

Woke up today with a very lovely weather despite of the rainy forcast :D so at around 9am I got to hot in the tent and I got out of bed and my sauna tent :P

sun setting in murg

This morning I tried to have an early start, but failed at that since it got a little late last night ^^ so at around 9.30 or something I got up and started doing the dishes of last nights dinner until Anna also woke up and made us some delicious breakfast :)

chillout view Basel

What a wonderful relaxed and lazy day, slept in very nicely took my sweet time waking up and started updating my blog, when that was done a little past midday I went into town.

Today was a very nice relaxing day :) since I only had to ride about 22km to Basel and my couchsurfing host had to work untill 7pm I had all day to get there
So after starting up realy slow, first because it was getting a bit cold outside I went into my tent and sleep some more :P when I woke up at around 9 I slowly started packing
and looked for a nearby bikeshop to give Betsy's tyres an upgrade.

sunset at bamlach1

Today I had a pretty early start, unfortunately not only because I wanted to but the camping manager came to collect his money and I was kinda trying to get out before they would notice but they where there before I woke up so I had to pay anyway :p

view from tentspot at rust

Pfoe what a day .... I all started with waking up from an unpleasant dream about a very annoying flat tire which gave a an unpleasant feeling.
It was also a bit troublesome to find the right route again but when I had finally found it there were lots of detours, luckily most through some
nice forest area so that was somewhaty ok at least ^^

Saturday 01-08-2015 Ratstatt - Strasbourg

Well today started out really boring :(  since Ratstatt is some distance away from the Rhine I first had to find my way back to the river which was a boring road of some 12 km
Once I finally made it back to the river I couln't find the regular signs anywhere, just some very old signs that got me lost again pretty quickly :/ and led me along a route of
pretty much abbandoned roads where pretty much nobody was to be found.... so pretty boring unfortunatly

lunch with Flo and Fabian on way to ratstatt

Today was another great day :) after sleeping in a little I woke up with a lovely sun shining on my tent which made it quite warm so I quickly got out and joined Flo and Fabian (2 relaxed german guys I met yesterday evening) after we munched down on some breakfast the 3 of us headed out,
making it a very fun ride, it's good to have some company ^^

view on way to speyer1

Well .... apparently the 115km I did yesterday (29-01-2015) was too much after all, I only noticed how tired I was after I started riding my bike and got a big HELL NO not today from my legs :p So after some 20km in about 2hours I went to the nearest camping I could find set up camp and made some attempt at a nap ^^