sunset beer in levanto

Monday 21-09-2015 Massa – Levanto

And again a very nice a relaxing start and despite the unfortunate location of the camping, directly on a busy road, I had a good sleep, despite all the noise from the cars racing by.

 cathedral and tower in pisa1

Saturday 19-09-2015 Pisa
Hmmmmm finally ….. I was able to sleep in again after a while of early mornings and start with a nice relaxed breakfast very nice :)

second breakfast on way to Pisa

Ufff what a horrible night it was and even worse was getting up this morning at 7 having only had about 3 hours of sleep :/ What also was very nice is that Leo was again being his annoying fascist self and was ranting about some stupid tiny things again such as me sitting in the wrong chair on the table since I drink tea instead of coffee….. WTF man….. and I was really not in the freaking mood for it……

view from museum in florence

Ufffff ….. way too early to start today….. but since host Leo had to work today and I stay at his place for free I can’t really complain of course so I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower and after that to the breakfast table where everyone was sitting.

view on way to Florence

Pfffooeeee a very heavy day of cycling today it started with climbing almost immediately with slopes of 12 to 14 % so it was much steeper than expected and so I once again really missed having the extra gears and all the annoying bugs didn’t help much either :/

lago di suviana

Well this morning it got to that time to leave Bologna and to test my new bike…again, but I have to admit I’m leaving with mixed feelings, despite my bike got stolen here I met such incredible people that made me feel so welcome I wouldn’t mind staying longer….. but unfortunately my time here has run out.

My first day in Bologna was pretty relaxing but I was still pretty tired from the long ride the day before so to be honest I couldn’t really appreciate the city very much, all the graffiti made it look like a bad neighborhood or something but all in all the buildings still are very nice, most of them have a kind of walkway with a ceiling overhead so that when it rains you don’t get wet and it gives a nice atmosphere to the city center too but like I said since I was still pretty tired and a little cranky I couldn’t really appreciate it and mostly just chilled out posted some blogs and wait until Host Babak would get home since we would have some beers and he would show me around a bit better.

view on way to bologna

Pfooeee what a long day it was today, cycled over 120km and thus broke another personal record ^^ although my GPS calculated the route to be 116km there were many road on which construction was going on somewhere half way along the road without any clear signs on the beginning of the road that it’s a dead end :/ so several times I had to go back a couple km and take a several km detour which all added to the total distance which I think maybe somewhere close to 130km.

castle on way to mestre

Monday 31-08-2015 Vicenza – Mestre

It was again a very nice ride today and since I started a bit early again I was in no hurry at all and at a nice speed cruised my way to Mestre where I wasn’t expected until 5pm or so anyway :)

helpx family lake garda doriano alisa and baby petra

Friday 28-08-2015 Lake garda – Vicenza

Had a bit more of an early start again today since I’m heading out again and I don’t want to arrive to late, but first a nice breakfast and some chatting with Alisa ^^ After that it was high time to pack my stuff and say goodbye to Alisa, Doriano and little Petra and they even gave my some very nice tea for energy and a nice little (fridge)magnet :) and apparently some decoration for farfegnugel…. A bright yellow ribbon with some thank you text for helping out, very nice :)